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About Us



Pioneer Pacific Homes has been buying, building and developing properties for over 40 years. We are a family owned company with a stellar reputation known for our reliability and honesty.


Quality Features


Our goal is to design and build each of our homes as though we were constructing them for ourselves. Pioneer Pacific Homes uses engineered floor trusses. These systems are very expensive but worth encompassing the floor joists into our homes; as they make the homes extremely solid, as well as diminishes squeaks and pops when walking across the floor. The floor trusses installed are state of the art technology and every truss is manufactured to specification.  


Our Commitment


Our homes include the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty / Structural Home Warranty (HBW) due to the confidence we have in our product. The 2-10 HBW is transferable and includes a one year Workmanship Warranty that covers roof covering, cabinets, countertops, door panels, exterior siding, hardwood floors, basement floors, ceramic tiles, drywall, interior trim, carpets, paint and fireplace. Additionally, the 2-10 HBW include a two year Systems Warranty that covers supply piping, waste piping, ductwork, and electrical wiring. Furthermore, the 2-10 HBW includes a 10 year Structural Warranty that covers roof framing, load-bearing walls, beams, columns, foundation, and floor framing.